kitche fires need smoke damage cleanup

Even small fires may require smoke damage cleanup in other areas of the home.

Accidents, like a kitchen flare-up, can cause smoke damage in Billings, MT homes. If left to linger for any length of time, it can seep into walls, carpeting, and upholstery, leaving a gritty, smelly mess. Not fun!

Here are some DIY smoke damage cleaning tips from Houselogic for those small accidents that don’t require a professional cleanup crew:

Ventilate and vacuum

    • Ventilate the house as quickly as possible to mitigate smoke damage.
    • Throw open doors and windows.
    • Turn off HVAC systems to avoid further spreading smoke.
    • Rent a few industrial fans ($25 for 24 hours) and angle them towards the windows and doors. This will help suck smoky air from the home.
    • Vacuum soot and ash with a shop vac ($30). Hold the nozzle just above the soot and suck it up—pushing down could cause stains.

Deep clean

    • Throw away heavily damaged or heavily smoked items, and start cleaning the house top to bottom.
    • Wipe down all hard surfaces—countertops, appliances, and furniture—with a cleaning cloth.
    • Wash walls and ceilings. Wipe soot away with a dry sponge. Rub away stubborn stains with a vinegar spray. If you need more muscle, use paint thinner (open windows for ventilation).
    • Wash or clean all household items, even light bulbs. Remove bulbs to wash and dry thoroughly, then reinstall.
    • Wash or dry-clean all clothing and drapes.
    • Deodorize carpets and window coverings with odor counteractants such as OdorX 9-D-9 ($68 for 1 gallon) or No Smoke Odor Counteractant ($59 for 32 ounces).
    • Throw away all food that was not sealed in airtight containers.
    • Replace all HVAC filters.

When you need professional smoke damage cleanup

If your home has had extensive smoke damage, before trying to tackle it on your own, check with a professional disaster restoration team. A certified team can often save structures and belongings that you may think are gone for good. Most companies provide free estimates, so it’s worth making a phone call to save as many of your possessions as possible.