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Nursing Home Cleaning Schedules: What you need to do and when

Maintaining a clean environment for your nursing home residents is important to their health and well-being. If you run a nursing home in Montana, check out this list of cleaning duties to help your facility stay safe and clean. These tasks are divided into daily, weekly, monthly, annually and before a new resident moves in. […]


How Can a Restoration Contractor Help Firefighters?

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, a home fire occurs every 93 seconds. This makes fires one of the most common causes of house damage in Montana. It’s a restoration contractor’s job to be one of the first people on the scene to assist with recovery.


Helping Healthcare Keep Patients First

Partnering with Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration when designing your emergency preparedness plan will give any healthcare facility peace of mind when it comes to giving patients the best care no matter what else may be happening. We offer a full range of services that help you prepare in the event of a disaster. This includes […]