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Checklist for Taking Care of Elderly Parents

Knowing where to start with these discussions can be difficult. Besides arming your parents with a fire escape plan and a caregiver plan, there are many other topics you need to cover to ensure your parents have exactly what they want as they get older. Use these guidelines to help you have a trusted and […]


5 Steps for Mold Remediation in Hospitals

Your cleaning staff may be experts of sanitizing for viruses and bacteria to keep people safe, but do they know what to do when facing mold? Stopping the spread of mold immediately is critical to prevent further contamination, damage, expense, and most importantly, patients from becoming critically ill. Follow the five steps below to help […]


The Best Ways for Cleaning Up Water Damage In Nursing Homes

Preventing water damage in a nursing home or assisted living facility is incredibly important. The tenants that call these buildings home require 24/7 care. Much of the population is dependent on help from the facility staff if an emergency arises. That’s why something as small as an overflowing sink needs to be taking care of […]