When a natural disaster causes flooding in your basement, your sump pump is the first line of defense against water damage, pumping the water down and away from your home. But what if your sump pump breaks or fails? Does your insurance policy cover the water damage or will this be a loophole for them to use to get out of paying for the repairs?

In most cases, the answer is no. Homeowners insurance policies tend to not cover water damage caused by broken or damaged sump pumps. However, there is something you can do to make sure you are covered. 

Additional coverage options on homeowners insurance

homeowners insurance policy form

A great first option is to add something to your insurance policy called an endorsement. Endorsements can be added at a relatively low cost and will cover all damage caused by backed up water. Not only will the policy cover the cost to clean and fix your home, but also items and possessions damaged by the water (barring any human negligence, like not having your sump pump regularly serviced and maintained).

What type of insurance endorsements should you get?

There are three types of endorsements you should add: water backup endorsement; sump pump failure and overflow endorsement; and an equipment breakdown endorsement.  As mentioned above, the water backup and sump pump failure/overflow addendum will cover the repair of your home and items, but not the repair of your sump pump, which is the root cause of the problem. If not fixed, another flood is sure to happen next time a heavy rainfall occurs. By investing in the equipment breakdown endorsement, you are covering the actual sump pump so it can be repaired to like new condition to prevent basement flooding in the future.

Speak with an insurance agent to get the details on endorsements, as coverage varies from policy to policy. Your insurance agent can also customize endorsements so they protect you, your home, and equipment in your unique situation. Since Montana has been having especially rainy springs and snowy winters, it’s important to speak with an agent. They’ll take into account the location of your home. If you’re near a flood plain or in an area greatly affected by natural disasters, are all important determining factors.

Need Help Repairing Water Damage in Your Flooded Basement From a Broken Sump Pump? 

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