meth test in house

Below, we’ll look at how the methamphetamine crisis can impact property owners and managers, and what they can do about it.


Smoke damage, soot, water, and chemicals from extinguishing a fire don’t go away on their own. The smells that linger after the fire is out don’t just impact your building; they also impact the contents. What is the best course of action to handle this kind of damage?


An Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration partnership allows us to help with any type of commercial water, weather, and fire damage. We’ll also assist with some unusual and lasting challenges that you may not have thought of right away. Here’s what we can do for you.


It’s important to understand that a sewage backup is a lot more than just your typical water damage. In this article, we’ll show you the extra risks that occur with this kind of plumbing situation and why it’s best left to the professionals.

restoration worker performing mold remediation inside property

In this article, we will tell you about some signs that your property might have mold growth and who you need to help you repair and restore your business back to good health.


Despite the potential expense, you can’t let the sticker shock stop you from thoroughly taking care of water damage to your home or business. In fact, when it comes to water damage, not only is it vital that it’s taken care of, but the clock is ticking if you want your water cleanup efforts to […]


As a homeowner, your residence is not just shelter, it provides a place to gather with family and friends. It also acts as a refuge to the world outside. If you’re a business owner, your commercial property is crucial for your livelihood. It’s terrifying when a fire rages through your southcentral Montana business or home.