commercial building undergoing cleanup from property disaster

When your business has been damaged by flooding, fire, or mold growth, hiring a property restoration company as quickly as possible to prevent further damage is key. The faster you act, the less damage your commercial property will have overall, and the cheaper and faster it will be to repair it. The type of business insurance you have may affect who you can hire, but asking potential contractors the right questions will help you feel confident in who you hire, ensuring the job gets done right, safely, and on time. Read more

Evacuation Floor Plan for Tenants or Commercial Property Fire Safety

Fire damage at your rental property can be devastating to your tenants and to you. The safety and fire education of your tenants is a crucial part of being a professional landlord. It doesn’t matter if you are an established landlord or if this is your first building to rent. Not to mention, you have a legal and ethical obligation to do so. Providing proper fire safety education can mean the difference between someone safely using their stove versus incorrectly using the stove and starting a fire. Read more

evacuation plan graphic for fire or other emergency from commercial building

Fires in a rental property can be stressful on your tenants and you. They can lead to tenant injury, displacement, or worse, death. Making sure your tenants have proper fire escape plans in place that they are aware of, feel confident in, and can act upon during an actual emergency is key to making sure everyone is safe during a fire. 

If a fire occurs in your business, are your tenants educated on fire prevention methods and prepared if one happens? Is your rental property set up with the proper escape plans and tools in case of a fire?  Creating a fire evacuation plan with your tenants is the first step to keeping everyone safe, minimizing damage, and allowing your rental property to be rebuilt to pre-loss condition faster Read more

apartment building that suffered fire with caved in roof and boarded up windows

Fire damage can be devastating to your business. Fires can ruin structures, possessions, and lead to water damage from the water used to put out the fire. It’s important to call a professional restoration company as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Construction restoration companies have different levels of services and repair and rebuilding timelines.  Read more

burst pipe and damaged ceiling tiles in commercial property water damage

Water damage and flooding can happen to your business from severe weather or from your sprinkler system or water used to put out a fire. After the damage occurs, it’s important to act quickly to get the water out of your commercial building. Waiting can lead to worse damage like mold growth, mildew, and further structural damage. More damage means it will take more time and money to restore and rebuild your property. And with a business, you’ll want to reopen as soon as possible.   Read more

After you have a fire in your house or suffer a commercial fire, you should take quick action to mitigate the fire damage and call fire damage restoration professionals. You may not only have water damage from when the fire is put out, but also have large amounts of soot and smoke damage inside your building and your possessions. If left unattended, soot and smoke particles will settle into your home and items, potentially leaving them unsalvageable. Read more

construction and job foreman working on concrete flooring

When your commercial property is hit by severe weather, water damage, flooding, or a fire, it is important to hire a professional restoration service as quickly as possible to prevent further structural damage like mold and mildew or smoke damage. Whether or not you have business insurance may be a factor in who you hire, but restoration companies are a vital necessity to restoring your building back to normal safely and thoroughly. Read more

seasonal maintenance checklist with pen and calculator

Going from the cooler months of spring to the heat of the summer can cause faulty mechanical issues in commercial buildings that can affect the efficiency of your business and cost you lots of money to fix. Maintaining your business’s systems will help prevent future problems and save money in the long run. Read more

burned commercial building after structure fire

 Taking immediate action after a commercial fire is important to preventing further damage and  restoring your business back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Delaying fire damage mitigation and contents cleaning restoration can allow soot and smoke damage to get worse by settling into your building and items. Water damage also occurs from the large amounts of water used to put the fire out. If left unattended, the water can diminish the integrity of your property’s structure, as well as cause mold and mildew growth. Overall, if your property is not attended to quickly, you will salvage fewer items and structures, which will end up costing you more time and money, delaying the reopening of your business. Read more

commercial building interior carpet and hallway with standing water from flood damage

Spring and Summer are rainy seasons, meaning there’s a possibility of water getting into your commercial building. To avoid water from natural disasters wreaking havoc on your property, it’s good to be prepared. Preparedness can mean doing things to prevent flooding and also to make sure you are covered if a flood happens. Follow these tips to ensure your building is safeguarded for either situation. Read more