When your home or business premises is affected by floods or fire, surveying the destruction and trying to work out how to move forward can be challenging. As experienced, certified restorers, we are able to salvage belongings, remove the effects of the disaster and rebuild damaged parts of your building, leaving it as good as it was previously, or better.

We offer disaster restoration services all throughout the West End of Billings.  If you have suffered from a fire, water damage, or you have discovered mold growing in your home or business, our crews can get to you quickly to help fix the situation.

One of the many causes of house fires is candles.  They look nice, smell great, and can become deadly if you leave them unattended.  If you do choose to burn candles, always make sure that they are contained and placed on a non-flammable surface.  Minimize your risk of fire damage by taking a couple minutes of precautions.

Disasters can hit at any time of the year.  But in the winter we are more prone to water damage, even though not much is falling from the sky.  As your home ages, pipes can become brittle.  If your home doesn’t have adequate insulation, which is the case for many older homes in the Billings area, the pipes can actually freeze on the inside of the house.  Broken pipes and hoses are the number one reason for water damage; make sure you are inspecting regularly and updating equipment as necessary.

In the cooler and wetter months, like the spring and the fall, is when mold likes to grow.  During the summer the warmer air tends to dry things out, during the winter the air lacks the humidity necessary.  But on the shoulder seasons, any moisture that accumulates can lead to mold growth.  Mold damage is especially prevalent in Billings basements, especially in those bathrooms that lack ventilation.  You can prevent mold by maintaining proper air circulation, and using a dehumidifier when the humidity levels go up

Smoke Restoration Service and Mold Remediation Service

In addition to fire restoration work, we also perform water damage clean-up and mold removal. Mold can often occur when the property has gotten moist due to some sort of disaster, and then hasn’t been completely dried out. No matter what type of event has affected your property, our skilled team has the experience necessary to thoroughly remove any traces of the problem, as well as restore the areas which have been damaged.

Friendly, Supportive Emergency Reconstruction Team

We recognize that for many people, a flood or fire damages far more than property; it can also cause considerable mental anguish, particularly if family mementos or other objects of sentimental value have been lost or damaged. Our team will always do their utmost to offer a caring, sympathetic service at the same time as doing everything necessary to get your home or business back to a habitable condition.

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From mold removal through to water damage restoration, our aim is to provide a professional, effective and fast service that restores your property as soon as practicable. We frequently work with insurers and are a recognized IICRC certified provider. If you want an expert team to undertake every aspect of your restoration carefully and correctly, we’re here for you. For 24-hour emergency and scheduled work, or to find out more, call us at (404) 628-0178.

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