Alpha Omega Works with Industries Around the Billings Area

Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration is a full service restoration company that serves Billings, Montana and the surrounding areas. We work closely with all of the businesses and owners that are affected by the disaster that has hit.

  • Insurance Agencies

    Alpha Omega develops close relationships with every insurance company we get the pleasure of working with.  We get to know the adjuster and the company so that we can provide the fastest service to the victim of the disaster.  By streamlining the process, everyone comes out ahead.

  • Property Owners (Residential & Commercial)

    Property owners have a lot to deal with after the disaster.  While nothing can undo the tragedy they have suffered, it can be made easier when they know that a company that is founded on rebuilding their home the right way is behind them.  Our crews make sure to do everything possible to make the restoration process as easy as possible.

  • Property Management Companies

    Renters are often hard on rental properties.  We have a program where we work alongside the maintenance manager to do free inspections on both large and small disaster jobs.  Get in touch with us to learn more about our preferred customer program and how we can all benefit.

  • Leasing Agencies

    Before a building can be leased, it has to be clean and ready for the next tenant.  If there has been any fire, water, or mold damage, it has to be remedied before advertising can be done!  We work closely with leasing agencies and their maintenance managers to ensure all restoration is done quickly and the building can be leased.

  • Real Estate Agents

    After a disaster, some property owners just want to sell the damaged property and move on.  Real estate agents that are working with a damaged property benefit from a partnership with Alpha Omega.  We inspect the property and determine what needs to be done to ensure complete restoration so the property is brought back to safe occupancy.

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Churches, Schools, Universities

    Churches, schools, and universities often have to stay open, no matter what.  After a disaster that will usually mean shifting operations to an un-damaged portion of the building while structures are restored.  Those shifts cause uncomfortably cramped quarters, and when they last too long emotions run high.  Using Alpha Omega the restoration process is shortened considerably to minimize cramped and uncomfortable situations.

  • Medical Facilities

    Restoring a house or a commercial building after a fire, water damage, or discovery of mold is completely different than restoring a medical facility.  There are different procedures to follow, and the process is completely unique.  We have been serving the community around Billings since 2006; we have the training and experience to fully mitigate medical facilities while following all safety procedures.

  • General Contractors

    If you’re a general contractor, a disaster usually stands in the way of completing your project on time.  But they happen to both old and new construction.  If a project that you’re overseeing suffers from mold in the crawl space, a leaking roof, a fire of any sort, or any other disaster, we will work right alongside you to ensure it is restored back to a safe place for people to be.

  • Plumbing & Mechanical Companies

    The restoration process is a big one.  We enlist the help of a host of local and professional sub-contractors to ensure all the work is done the right way.  If you have a plumbing company, an HVAC company, or you are specialized in another of the home construction industries, we want to get in touch.  We can partner up to help the community.

  • Firefighters

    Firefighters are amazing heroes that don’t get near the recognition that they deserve.  After a fire, our crews are available 24 hours a day to come and board up after a structure fire, or to provide temporary enclosure and fencing after a vehicle collides with a building.  Our quick service lets you get back to saving lives instead of standing around and waiting after a fire.

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