When you own or run a commercial space, there’s always a great deal at stake. When your commercial property, business, or facility experiences some kind of disaster, every decision you make to restore your building (and income) is critical.

Dealing with water, fire, and other sudden damage can be overwhelming for your business or your tenants. After all, it’s not just your reputation that’s on the line, it’s your career, too. You may be tempted to handle the damage and the mess yourself, particularly if you have a maintenance crew, facilities team, or housekeeping staff on hand.

But these are not normal maintenance tasks, and you don’t want to put your team—or your entire investment—at risk. An experienced restoration and cleaning contractor has the tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to do the job right, keeping your team, customers, and residents safe when disaster strikes.

restoration-contractor-and-client-signing-contract-for-restoration-work-to-beginAn Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration partnership allows us to help with any type of commercial water, weather, and fire damage. We’ll also assist with some unusual and lasting challenges that you may not have thought of right away. Here’s what we can do for you.

Cleaning Services

Whether it’s a regularly scheduled annual or quarterly cleaning, a deep clean after a remodel, or you need a more in-depth cleaning than your regular team can provide, our team focuses on your facility’s high-touch areas including desks, doorknobs, phones, bathrooms, and more.  We follow all guidelines as dictated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved cleaning products and disinfectants.

After a disaster, following a major construction project, or before your big reopening, our cleaning and disinfection services are the perfect way to get your space sparkling clean and germ-free for your guests, tenants, and employees.

Mold Remediation and Water Damage Service

When water creeps in, it must be dealt with right away. But long after the initial water damage dries out and the last dehumidifier is gone, you need to be sure you’ve handled any mold. Mold and water damage can have serious health effects and allergic reactions, including sneezing and runny noses, red eyes, and skin rashes. It can even trigger asthma attacks. What’s more? It becomes a liability for your business.

Dealing with mold means more than just tackling the affected area; there are microscopic mold spores that infiltrate your building or facility and impact the people inside. If not handled properly, you could spark an allergic reaction or asthma attack just by attempting to clean out a mold infestation.

Our trained mold remediation crews will detect the source of the mold, address the issue, and leave you with a clean, safe environment with fresh, mold-free air.

Contents Restoration Services

After a flood or fire, disaster restoration services can help you recover and reclaim your building, but what about the contents of that facility? Our contents restoration services are designed to help you salvage what’s inside your building, so that whether you have residents hoping to save the most of their home after a fire, or you house a company that’s hoping to remove any traces of soot, smoke, or mold so they can get back to business, we’ll collect, inventory, and restore all the saveable contents of your building, repairing them to like-new condition. We’ll even work closely with your insurance company to coordinate the restoration.

Removing particles like smoke and soot from both hard and soft materials isn’t an easy task. Soot is surprisingly oily and without the proper tools and techniques, your building’s contents could hold onto lingering odors. And sometimes? Attempting to clean these items on your own can do more harm than good. Our professional techniques and advanced tools and products will clean, deodorize, and refresh the salvageable contents of your building.

South Central Montana’s Preferred Disaster Restoration Experts

As a professional in Billings Heights, Billings West End, Red Lodge, Laurel, or anywhere in the surrounding south-central Montana area, you need to take proactive measures to protect your interests and your business. One way to do this? By establishing a relationship with a reliable, reputable disaster restoration team so they are ready to help you when you need it most.

Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration is proud to offer an exclusive Emergency Preparedness Program (ERP) to help businesses, commercial buildings, and facilities throughout the area recover from water, weather, and fire damage. The program is available for a range of businesses, including:

  • Property management companies
  • Medical facilities
  • Leasing agencies
  • Hotels
  • Universities
  • Municipalities
  • Banks
  • Retail locations
  • And more

Through this program, our professionals will not only offer you priority response services, but we’ll also share free consultations, discounted services, and disaster recovery planning to provide you with peace of mind when catastrophe strikes.

Contact Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration today 406-628-0178 for emergency property damage cleanup and restoration services by Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration of Billings and Laurel, MontanaTo learn more about our emergency preparedness program or get assistance with any of our wide range of services, contact our professional team today.