As a business owner, insurance is something you purchase hoping you never have to use it. Insurance is purchased for the “just in case” moments. You know that these emergencies are few and far between, but they’re costly if they do happen to your business. Paying a monthly insurance premium is less expensive than paying for the overall damage a fire can cause.

property-liability-insurance-claim-formIn a matter of minutes, a fire can ravage a building, quickly causing an out of control blaze. When you are renting a commercial property, you may be held responsible for any damages that occur on the property. This includes if there’s a fire in the building.

To protect yourself from costly property damage, consider fire legal liability insurance.

What is Fire Legal Liability?

When renting a property and a fire breaks out, it’s important to understanding who is responsible for covering the damage. Determining whether it’s the landlord or tenant’s responsibility can become a nightmare. Fire legal liability refers to who is ultimately responsible for the damage related to the fire.

As the business owner, fire legal liability is generally included under a commercial general liability policy. However, in order for the policy to pay for related damages, you must be able to prove that the person covered under the policy was directly responsible for the fire.

What Space Does Fire Legal Liability Cover?

Fire damage legal liability will apply to commercial or industrial space that a business owns or rents. It also covers any equipment used for business purposes, as long as it’s included in the policy from the start. If you lease any property or equipment, this coverage can help with these assets as well. Basically, any area of the property under your control, rented or leased, is covered under the Fire Legal Liability coverage.

What Amount of Coverage is Needed?

Knowing the exact value of the rental property and equipment is important before you purchase any type of insurance. When you set out to buy fire damage legal liability insurance, ensure that it covers more than the value of the rental property and equipment. This ensures that, if fire damage happens, insurance will kick in and cover any damage.

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