After a disaster strikes, there is nothing more important to a community than a place to take the sick and injured. However, hospitals and health clinics can succumb to the same disasters as the rest of the city – which means that medical services could be compromised.

To get healthcare facilities up and running quickly and effectively, hospitals and medical clinics can partner together and work with the same restoration company to save time and resources.

Patient Care Comes First

hallway of a hospital with empty medical equipmentIn any healthcare facility, the care of patients comes first. When a fire or flood occurs suddenly, staff may not be prepared to deal with the disaster. Hospitals and clinic staff must ensure that all medical equipment used for critical care patients is actively working and protected against any power outages or damage caused by extreme heat or water.

Having an emergency plan in place is an important first step for hospitals and clinics. Make sure to protect your patients during an emergency by having backup generators set up. Facilities can keep ICU and critical care patients in house by moving them to a different unit or floor. In some cases, emergency services can work around the patients while cleaning up the water or fire damage.

Staff and Facility Capacity

Few hospitals have extra beds or staff to spare. If full units or areas are damaged by water or fire, it creates a large problem for the hospital staff. While the Environmental Services Staff is ready to respond to the emergency as quickly as possible, the onset of a sudden fire or flood can overwhelm the staff.

Most Environmental Service workers are not skilled in dealing with larger disaster clean up. They may not be prepared for the extent of work that goes into cleaning up after extensive water damage or making sure your facility is safe for patients after a fire.

Working with a commercial restoration company like Alpha-Omega, you can relax in knowing your facility is in expert hands.

Water Damage

Hospitals that experience water damage have the unique responsibility of moving quickly to find the source of the problem and repairing the damage before extensive problems extend beyond the affected area. Regardless if water damage is caused by a leaky pipe or faulty plumbing from a patient room, water in a clinic can lead to structural damage, mold, or mildew.

At Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration, the second water damage hits, we’re ready to handle the issue. Our crew will arrive to find the problem, dry out the area, reconstruct the structure, and perform mold remediation services. We will even work with your insurance companies so you don’t have to!

Fire Damage

Fire can be devastating to any business. When will the structure be back to normal? How long will the cleanup take? Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration is certified in fire restoration. Our team will get you back up and running quickly with minimal disruption to your clinic operations.

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We’ll assess the damage after emergency services leave, working with your insurance company to start restoring the building immediately. Our fire damage restoration crews are available 24/7 . We’ll arrive quickly to begin restoration services.