housekeeping-staff-sorting-laundryMaintaining a clean environment for your nursing home residents is important to their health and well-being. If you run a nursing home in Montana, check out this list of cleaning duties to help your facility stay safe and clean. These tasks are divided into daily, weekly, monthly, annually and before a new resident moves in. These can be applied to residents’ rooms and facility-wide spaces. Following these guidelines will help prevent problems in the future.


To ensure a healthy living environment throughout the nursing home, it is important to tackle these daily tasks. Be careful to avoid exposing residents to any harsh chemicals, and use mild disinfectants as much as possible.

  • Disinfect touch points—such as door and cabinet handles, light switches and handrails—throughout the day.
  • Wipe down all surfaces of shared and individual rooms several times a day.
  • Vacuum carpets and sweep and mop hard floors.
  • Inspect door mats for signs of wear and check that it is not a tripping hazard.
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms, including showers, tubs, sinks, countertops and toilets.
  • Wipe down appliances and countertops in the kitchen, check the refrigerator for spoiled items, and don’t allow dirty dishes to pile up.
  • Secure all dirty laundry in heavy, fluid-resistant bags and transport them via covered linen carts.
  • Tie trash bags before moving them and check for any tears or rips that could lead to spills.


Tackling these weekly housekeeping duties will help you stay ahead of the dirt and prevent future cleaning jobs from turning into massive projects. These tasks also give you an opportunity to confirm all doors, windows and light fixtures are in good condition and operate safely.

  • Dust the light fixtures and make sure any bulbs that need to be replaced are the correct wattage for safe use.
  • Clean wood and metal doors and check their hardware, door stops and lock mechanisms.
  • Polish the inside and out of windows and sliding glass doors, including any interior door windows or glass room partitions.
  • Vacuum furnishings and cushions, clean window blinds and wash curtains.
  • Straighten up and clean kitchen refrigerators, cabinets, pantries and general supply storage areas.
  • Inspect sink and floor drains in bathrooms and kitchens for clogs or signs of mold and mildew.


These monthly cleaning projects will make it easier to handle the weekly and daily tasks.

  • Check food in cabinets, pantries and refrigerators for freshness and expiration dates.
  • Thoroughly clean kitchen appliance, cabinet and pantry interiors.
  • Wipe down walls and baseboards in all rooms, checking for any signs of hidden leaks.
  • Clean overhead light fixtures, ceiling fans, air vents and sprinkler systems. Replace HVAC filters.
  • Wax and buffer hardwood floors and steam-clean carpets and rugs.


Though you can choose to do some of these tasks more frequently, here is a list of nursing home cleaning duties that should be performed at least once or twice a year:

  • Flip mattresses.
  • Wash shower curtains and liners.
  • Test batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Wash mattress covers.

New Residents

When it is time to turnover a room for a new resident, there are certain additional cleaning tasks you’ll need to complete before the room is live-in ready.

  • Check for and take care of any marks on the walls, ceiling and other surfaces left by the former resident.
  • Clean all of the light fixtures, trim molding and window sills.
  • Scrub down the bedframe and replace all of the linens.
  • Deep clean the bathroom, taking the time to thoroughly clean the tiles.
  • Vacuum all carpet and rugs or mop and sweep all hardwood floors.

Why Outsource Cleaning?

It can be more efficient to outsource big cleaning projects because it saves the expense of renting equipment or buying specialty products. It also leaves heavy jobs to industry-certified professionals. Outsourcing also means:

  • The life of fabrics and frames will be prolonged because furniture is professionally cleaned.
  • Carpets and rugs will get deep cleaning and treatments that are specific to their fiber and padding types.
  • Air ducts will maintain healthy air quality because of professional cleaning.
  • Counters, floors or walls made of tile will get deep grout disinfecting.
  • The nursing home will receive restoration services in the event of water, fire or other disaster damage.

If your nursing home needs professional cleaning services, contact Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration.

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