Any kind of renovation project of your house brings a feeling of excitement and anticipation. But what it also brings is the potential for a big mess.

dining room under renovationsDust and debris go hand-in-hand with even the smallest renovation or disaster restoration project. That dust and debris settling all over your home or being tracked by homeowners and workers alike not only creates a huge mess for you to clean up after, but it can also pose a health risk to you and your loved ones.

No need to cancel the project though! There’s plenty you can do to make clean up easier or even non-existent before and during your project. In this article, we’ll show you our 6 favorite ways to keep the rest of your home clean during renovations.

1. Cover Things Up

Sometimes furniture is just too big to remove completely to keep it tidy. Window treatments are a gamble to remove because parts get easily lost. Replacing broken treatments may put a dent in your budget. Covering them with plastic sheeting before you begin is going to keep dust and debris from settling on these items. Not only will clean-up be pretty quick and easy, but keeping dust out of nooks and crannies also means you’re keeping the air in your home clean for after the project.

2. Seal Off The Renovation Area

Anywhere the air goes, you can be certain that dust from your project will go, too. Seal off the work area by creating a dust barrier with light plastic sheeting and tape. This will cut off the airflow and flying dust.

3. Turn Off The Furnace And Cover The Air Ducts

As we just mentioned, anywhere air goes, so does dust. Centralized AC units and furnaces make the spread of dust even more efficient if it’s left running during a project. When dust and debris are being created, seal the air ducts in the workspace to prevent dust from entering the system, working through the filter, and spreading a fine layer of dust in every room where it blows. NOTE: Be sure to turn the system completely off first! Running the system with a duct sealed can damage the system as a whole.

4. Create Walking Paths

There will be a lot of foot traffic from you and workers alike during your project. Creating paths in heavily trafficked areas of your home is key to keeping your carpet and flooring in good shape. Outside, use wood chips to create an outdoor path that will keep mud and dirt off work boots. Inside the home, use strips of plastic sheeting across your floors to prevent wear and tear. One more solution is supplying everyone with boot covers to prevent scratches and skid marks from heavy boots on delicate flooring.

5. Establish A Daily Cleaning Routine

You might seal and cover all you can, but at the end of the day, the nature of dust and debris means you will still have some venture into other parts of your home. Establishing a daily routine for clean-up like vacuuming and dusting will not only improve the air quality of your home, but it will also minimize the overall cleanup when the job is done.

6. Hire Professionals

When the renovation project is completed and the last worker has packed up their tools, the best thing you can do to enjoy the results of your makeover is hire professional cleaners to take care of the rest. With big projects, there are all sorts of messes left behind that cleaning specialists are more equipped to handle. If there’s a lot of cleaning needed after, you can save the hassle and exhaustion by outsourcing the job to those who are trained to deal with it.

Whether your home needs remodeling, renovating, or restoration, simple things can be done cost-efficiently to save you the hassle of a big mess when the job is completed. At Alpha Omega, we specialize in helping our clients restore and renovate their homes.

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