With the COVID-19 pandemic at full force and people following stay-at-home orders and social distancing protocols, you hope that your renters are staying healthy and safe. As a property manager and landlord, there is so much to learn about the coronavirus and how it may affect your business and apartment building. The first steps are to ensure your tenants feel secure in their homes, to limit their opportunities to contract the virus, and to consistently ensure disinfectant is applied to high touch points in your building..

Follow these tips to help protect your tenants.

Keep your management office closed.

apartment building exterior view

If your apartment building has a management office where people drop off their rent, pick up packages, or come to for information, close it down. Instead, direct tenants to online and telephone resources. Set up a portal for your tenants so they can do their usual business remotely.

Close any common areas. 

Sure, your renters may have chosen your building for its great amenities like the pool, sauna, fitness center, and clubhouse, but with social distancing rules in effect and quarantine-in-place orders in most states, it is safer for these areas to be off limits to tenants who may not want to follow those rules and endanger others.

Wipe surfaces of common areas with disinfectant

As a building manager or landlord, you are not responsible for cleaning your tenant’s apartment. You are in charge of applying disinfectant on the common areas and high touch points. When doing this, it is recommended you use EPA-registered cleaning products. Learn how to clean and disinfect your property safely and effectively with our Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility.

Continue routine maintenance, as necessary. 

Just because you are in lockdown doesn’t mean that your HVAC will behave 100% of the time. If anything breaks down, if a tenant has a broken appliance, or if your building has a leaky roof, you are in luck. You can still (most likely) get these things fixed in a timely manner. If you don’t have a regular maintenance staff, reach out to third party vendors. Be sure to explain your safety protocols to keep both them and your tenants safe. Many small businesses are still open and would love work, if you all follow proper safety precautions and regulations.

Professional Disinfecting Services

Need help applying disinfectant in your apartment building or rental? Call a professional company like Alpha Omega Pros Cleaning. Professional companies can help keep your renters safer during virus outbreaks, like COVID-19.

Is Your Apartment Building Safe From Viruses?

Contact Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration. We are still open, and here to help you with applying disinfectant in your rental property. We offer emergency response plans and clean-up, to help you more easily get through these difficult times 24/7, 7 days a week. Our professional disaster restoration company employs industry experts who are seen as trusted advisors. We manage the recovery of your property damage by dedicating ourselves to honesty, integrity, reliability and producing a superior-quality service. We strive to continually challenge ourselves through learning, development, and accountability through industry relations.

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