When it comes to the cleanliness of your business, should you rely on an in-house staff, an outside cleaning service, or both? This is a big question on the minds of many business owners.

One of the biggest and most overlooked expenses you have as a business owner in Montana is building cleaning and maintenance. If you have a small business, the answer might be clearer than if you have a larger business staffed with multiple departments with an even greater number of budget numbers. Considering the pros and cons of each can help you pick which route is best to go: in-house staffing, contracting a commercial maintenance and cleaning service, or a combination of both.

What Are Contracted Commercial Maintenance Services? 

Commercial maintenance services provide professional cleaning on a regular basis to businesses and commercial properties. There are many companies throughout Montana and across the United States that provide top-of-the-line technology-based cleaning. This goes above and beyond simply cleaning bathrooms, floors, and windows. Commercial maintenance services can be hired on a contract basis with cleaning needs customized for your building, usually up to spaces as big as 200,000 square feet. person with mop and cleaning cart cleaning commercial office hallway

How Do Commercial Maintenance Companies Operate? 

Commercial maintenance services will take a blueprint of your commercial property and design a customized cleaning and maintenance plan. They will note high traffic areas, specialty areas that may take an extra bit of TLC, and create a timeline of how long it will take to clean each area. They will then provide a cleaning schedule for your business.

What Services Do Commercial Property Maintenance Companies Provide? 

Contract commercial maintenance companies provide many services, making them an appealing option. They make sure to hire experts in a variety of fields, so no matter what your need is, they have you covered. Some of their services include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning of exterior of commercial buildings
  • Window cleaning services for office and commercial buildings
  • Landscape services
  • Snow removal
  • Parking lot maintenance and sealing
  • Pest control
  • Seasonal HVAC maintenance
  • Night time or vacant property maintenance and security
  • Property inspections
  • General repair
  • Utilities maintenance
  • Floor repair
  • Locksmith
  • Computer cleaning
  • Waste disposal

A responsible and reputable commercial maintenance service will use cutting edge technologies with chemicals and cleaning products that are safe for both people and animals. A maintenance company that is a step above the rest will also be sure to integrate your waste management system with your recycling program to help reduce waste and the growing landfill problem in the United States. By using innovative methods to increase recycling and lessen your company’s overall waste, it can help cut your maintenance costs by up to 50%.

What is In-House Maintenance?

An in-house maintenance staff provides the same cleaning and maintenance services as a contracted commercial company. The biggest difference though is that they are on your staff, as opposed to  contracted out. Being on payroll, gives you more control over the budget and decision making of what they clean and when. Scheduling, ordering equipment and chemicals, and training staff is managed in-house by you or your employees.

How Do In-House Maintenance Crews Operate? 

Unlike contracted workers, these technicians are dedicated to only your commercial building and no one else. If something goes wrong, they are in the building and can fix it right away. This prevents having to schedule maintenance between other jobs from other clients. However, unlike contracted maintenance workers, in-house staff tend to be less specialized, and may not be able to fix a building issue the first time. Also, depending on your company’s budget, your in-house facilities may not have the most up-to-date cleaning and maintenance equipment to get the job done, so jobs may take longer to do and cost more in the long run.

Other Issues to Consider Before Hiring In-House or Contract Cleaning Services

Security Issues

Does your company deals with highly confidential information or intellectual property? Then security is one of the most important things you should consider. With in-house services, hired staff will be subject to your background checks, confidentiality agreements, and screenings. If you are considering working with a contract maintenance service, make sure you ask about their screening processes, as you will have less control over who they hire and bring into your building.

Cost Savings

It may come as a surprise, but if you hire a contract cleaning service, your overall costs might be lower. Hiring your own cleaning staff, you’ll absorb the HR costs associated with hiring, training, salaries and benefits.

It’s important to choose the right solution for your commercial property. However, sometimes, after a catastrophic event or natural disaster, your business may need more help cleaning up water damage, fire damage, or mold growth than can be tackled by your usual service.

Does Your Commercial Property Need Restoration Services?

Contact Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration for a free consultation. Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to come and assess the damage done to your commercial property. We can document the situation and damage, working directly with your insurance adjuster to provide you the fastest and best restoration possible. Water in your building needs quick action to prevent further structural or mold damage.

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