Construction Zone: Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration Completes Renovation

Willy Johnson and his wife, Julie, are pressure cookers.

Neutralizing overwrought emotions during a time of personal crisis is their specialty.

“Disaster restoration is hard work, but it’s so rewarding to restore hope to people in the midst of a crisis,” Julie said.

Willy Johnson: Owner, Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration

Willy Johnson doesn’t wear a cape and tights to work, but his customers, who have just gone through a disaster, often treat him like a super hero.

“We’ve learned how to put people at ease, to just try to get to their level of understanding. You have to learn to be sympathetic,” said Johnson, owner of Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration. “You can’t be just about the business. While people want the job done, it’s nice to be comforted. They enjoy that. It’s a little bonding that goes on.”

A Helping Hand in Times of Disaster: Five Minutes with Julie Johnson

When hail and flood waters pummeled the Billings area in early September, the disaster kicked off a massive cleanup effort for the crew at Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration.

Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration & RiverStone Health Recognized as “Great Workplaces”

Billings MT, February 27, 2015: The Billings Jobs Service Employers’ Committee (JSEC) is proud to announce that two area businesses are to be recognized as an Employer of Choice (EOC). The EOC program was started by the Montana State Employers Council to recognize organizations throughout the state of Montana that work to engage their employees and serve their community.

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