Alpha Omega Provides Water Restoration Services

We generally think of water damage in the home as the result of a major storm causing massive flooding (like that seen in hurricane prone areas). But here in Billings, Montana, floods are relatively rare; water damage to the home comes about in different ways. If you own an appliance such as a refrigerator, icemaker, washing machine, or even a shower and toilet, you are vulnerable to water damage.

Negative drainage can certainly draw rainwater back into the home. However, most floods are the result of burst pipes or leaking pipes. Whether it’s freezing weather that causes the pipes to break, or they just have gotten old and cracked, or there was physical damage to them, Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration wants you to know your part and our part in your flood disaster restoration process.

Questions You will be Asking Yourself

  • Who do I call First?

  • Will insurance cover full expense?

  • How Long will I be displaced