If you live in an apartment, condo, or duplex, you may be at risk for flooding from an upstairs neighbor. The water damage can occur at any time and without warning – and it can be the beginning of a costly debate between neighbors.

Let’s discuss who is responsible for apartment water damage that comes from an upstairs neighbor and how to handle leaks and flooding that occurs. At Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration, we’re ready to help residents in Billings and surrounding areas with any water damage that occurs . Read on for what to do before we arrive on the scene!

Start the Clean-Up Process and Talk to Your Neighbor

apartmentwaterleakBegin by mopping up the water that has appeared in your apartment. You want to clean up as much as possible to prevent any water from causing major damage to your property. Drying up as much water as possible is extremely important.

Alerting your neighbor to the fact that there is a problem is also important – they may have no idea that water has leaked from their home into yours. The two of you can work together to figure out the extent of the water damage and figure out next steps.

Contact Building Maintenance

Regardless if you live in a condo or rent an apartment, alert a landlord or building maintenance to the damage. If you and your neighbor cannot stop the leak, it is up to them to address the problem and repair the damage. It is up to you to make it clear how the leak could potentially affect other units and why it is so important to act quickly.

Begin the Dry Out Process

Even small leaks need to be addressed quickly. Using towels, fans, and wet vacs to mop up the water. This can limit mold or mildew forming causing bigger problems long term.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Document all damage caused by the flooding. Call your insurance company and begin to file a claim. Your condo association may not reimburse you for the costs associated with water damages. The insurance company may help with any costs incurred due to necessary repairs.

Review Your Condo Association Policy

Ask your condo or homeowner association for two copies of their insurance policy. One should go to your insurance agent for review. They’ll figure out what coverage the association is responsible for, what your insurance will cover, and ultimately, what you will be responsible for out of pocket.

Call Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration

Contact Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration today 406-628-0178 for emergency property damage cleanup and restoration services by Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration of Billings and Laurel, MontanaWhen apartment water damage strikes, calling in a professional restoration company to handle clean up and construction. At Alpha Omega, we have a dedicated team to assist with water damage clean up. If necessary, our team provides full service reconstruction to restore any surface damage. 

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