Fire Damage

After you have a fire in your house or suffer a commercial fire, you should take quick action to mitigate the fire damage and call fire damage restoration professionals. You may not only have water damage from when the fire is put out, but also have large amounts of soot and smoke damage inside your building and your possessions. If left unattended, soot and smoke particles will settle into your home and items, potentially leaving them unsalvageable.

Why Deodorization of Soot and Smoke After Fire Damage is Key

Smoke damage can cause just as much damage to your property as a fire, if not more. Soot and smoke contain carcinogens that can cause cancer and other health problems. Professionals can clean your walls, floors, ceilings, and any other parts of your building’s structure. Any items that have been ruined by fire or heat must be thrown away, but some items affected by soot and smoke can undergo cleaning and restoration to like-new condition. 

The smell left behind after a fire may increase if the building is not deodorized properly and immediately. Smoke odor can be so overwhelming that it can leave your house unlivable. Even though there may not seem to be much smoke damage, smoke tends to penetrate through all kinds of hard and soft surfaces, settling into cavities around your property. It can hide behind walls, in plumbing networks, and in wooden structures. Since smoke and soot particles can be toxic, breathing in the smoke odor can be dangerous for your health. 

It is important to bring in professionals to deodorize your property and conduct contents cleaning restoration. Common store-bought odor eliminators are only temporary when it comes to the seriousness of fire smoke damage. Chances are, the smoke smell will return. Professional fire restoration companies have professional-grade smoke odor deodorizers that target soot and smoke, even in the most unlikely and deeply hidden places, and remove them from your property. 

Professional deodorization services do fire cleanup and restoration cleaning, with products and equipment that eliminate odors for good. They use processes and ozone treatments that leave your house and commercial property odor-free, clean, and back to pre-loss condition.

Need Fire Damage Restoration and Content Deodorization for Your Home or Business?  

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